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will self-destruct after  view(s) and  hours is a tool designed to assist in sending sensitive information through email or other insecure messaging protocols.

One can send a username through email, save the password with us, and feel comfortable sharing user credentials without sacrificing security or usability.

We do not store personal identifiable information (PII) or set cookies containing such info. Your secret is expired when delete; we keep no archives.

We do not guarantee the security of your information, and, when it comes to transmitting secure information, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. We recommend that you send part of your secure information through another form, such as email, SMS, telephone, smoke signals, or carrier pigeon.

You can always install your own fugacious server if you're not comfortable with ours.

Please feel free to check out the source code at github. We welcome any imporvements or bug fixes that you can offer.

The application is bundled with all the required Chef cookbooks to provision to the host of your choice.